Photo Gallery of Yoga Shivir, Guruji, AOL activities

Our Beloved Guruji -Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji

Guruji               In               Faridabad

Our beloved Guruji founder of Art of Living.The misssion of guruji is to bring unshakeable smile on each and every face.To bring peace and harmony in the society.To bring more and more peope into knowledge,sewa, sadhna, satsang.

Peace programmes in Faridabad
  • Homes to the poor
  • Harmony in between various cultures ,religions
  • Health-to create yoga camps in faridabad
  • Hygiene-To make a stress free society

Near about 5000 people of the various age group from different location of the Faridabad have done the course of Artof Living Course.This has been a effort by our various teachers who are working full time into this to make it as a success.IF you are reading this and you have not yet registered
"You will regret that why you have not come to the course till now".

  • Grab and make a phone call to any of the teachers and volunteers of the Art of Living and enroll for the next course.

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